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Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for August 2010

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI+ General Intention: Concrete Help, Welcome, Understand for Homeless and Unemployed - "That those who are without work or homes or who are otherwise in serious need may find understanding and welcome, as well as concrete help in overcoming their difficulties."
+ Mission intention: Church as home for all, especially refugees of war, hunger, and religious or racial discrimination - "That the Church may be a 'home' for all people, ready to open her doors to any who are suffering from racial or religious discrimination, hunger or wars forcing them to emigrate to other countries."

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Small Red Jerusalem Cross Faith Central general intentions

+ For the Poor Souls in Purgatory, especially the blood relatives and adopted relatives of those offering prayers.
+ For the Poor Souls in Purgatory, especially those with no one to pray for them.
+ For the conversion of the hearts of sinners "of whom I am first"
+ For properly ordered secular governance, obedient to the laws of God and respectful of human life and the dignity of the human person.
+ For discernment and blessing of vocations, to the married life, Priesthood and religious life, and any other vocations ordained by God.
+ For the elderly and infirmed.
+ For peace, and for the conversion of the hearts of terrorists.
+ For Catholic education, and for educators and students at Catholic institutions to serve as instruments of God and messengers of His Hope and Love.
+ For the cause for Canonization for Blessed Father Francis Xavier Seelos and Blessed Brother Andre Bessette.
+ For the Holy Father and his Intentions.

Holy Father's Monthly Prayer Intentions for Recent Months

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for June 2010

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI+ General Intention: Respect for Human Life - "That every national and trans-national institution may strive to guarantee respect for human life from conception to natural death."
+ Mission intention: Asia Joyful Witness to Christ - "That the Churches in Asia, which constitute a 'little flock' among non-Christina populations, may know how to communicate the Gospel and give joyful witness to their adherence to Christ."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for April 2010

+ General Intention: Religious Dialogue - "That every tendency to fundamentalism and extremism may be countered by constant respect, by tolerance and by dialogue among all believers."
+ Mission intention: Chrisitan perseverance in the face of persecution - "That Christians persecuted for the sake of the Gospel may persevere, sustained by the Holy Spirit, in faithfully witnessing to the Love of God for the entire human race"

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for March 2010

+ General Intention: World Economy Just and Equitable, Caring for the Poor - "That the world economy may be managed according to the principles of justice and equity, taking account of the real needs of peoples, especially the poorest".
+ Mission intention: African Churches Serving Justice and Reconciliation: - "That the Churches in Africa may be signs and instruments of reconciliation and justice in every part of that continent"

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for February 2010

+ General Intention: scholarly sincere search for truth enhancing understanding of God - "That by means of sincere search for the truth scholars and intellectuals may arrive at a[ better] understanding of the One True God."
+ Mission intention: Church being Faithful to Christ, universality of Gospel Mission: - "That the Church, aware of Her own Missionary Identity, may strive to follow Christ faithfully and to proclaim His Gospel to all peoples."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for January 2010

+ General Intention: social communication focused on personal growth and service
"That young people may learn to use modern means of social communication for their personal growth and to better prepare themselves to serve society."

+ Mission Intention: Christian Unity:
"That every believer in Christ may be conscious that unity among all Christians is a condition for more effective proclamation of the Gospel."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for December 2009

+ General intention ~ protecting children
"That children may be respected and loved and never be the victims of exploitation in its various forms."

+ Mission intention ~ that all peoples recognize Christ and open their doors to their Savior
"That at Christmas the peoples of the earth may recognise in the Word Incarnate the light which illuminates every man, and that the nations may open their doors to Christ, the Saviour of the world"

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for November 2009

+ General intention ~ safeguarding Creation, especially if we are governmental and economic leaders
"That all the men and women in the world, especially those who have responsibilities in the field of politics and economics, may never fail in their commitment to safeguard creation."

+ Mission intention ~ believers demonstrating peace in lives and dialogue
"That believers in the different religions, through the testimony of their lives and fraternal dialogue, may clearly demonstrate that the Name of God is a Bearer of Peace."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for October 2009

+ General intention ~ Sunday as Lord's Day and the Day of the Eucharist
"That Sunday may be lived as the day on which Christians gather to celebrate the risen Lord, participating in the Eucharist."
+ Mission intention ~ Christians as Preachers of the Gospel first
"That the entire People of God, to whom Christ entrusted the mandate to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, may eagerly assume their own missionary responsibility and consider it the highest service they can offer humanity."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for September 2009

+ General Intention ~ God's Word lived as source of Freedom and Joy
"That the Word of God may be better known, welcomed and lived as the source of Freedom and Joy."
+ Mission Intention ~ Freedom of Christians in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar
"That Christians in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, who often meet with great difficulties, may not be discouraged from announcing the Gospel to their brothers, trusting in the strength of the Holy Spirit."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for August 2009

+ General intention ~ Refugees: public awareness and concrete solutions
"That public opinion may be more aware of the problems of millions of displaced persons and refugees, and that concrete solutions may be found for their often tragic situation."
+ Mission intention ~ Freedom from anti-Christian persecution
"That those Christians who are discriminated against and persecuted in many countries because of the name of Christ may have their human rights, equality and religious freedom recognised, in order to be able to live and profess their own faith freely."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for July 2009

+ General intention ~ Christians in Middle East
"That the Christians of the Middle East may live their Faith in full freedom and be an instrument of Peace and Reconciliation."
+ Mission intention ~ Catholic Faithful fostering Global Unity as God's Family
"That the Church may be the seed and nucleus of a humanity reconciled and reunited in God's one and only Family, thanks to the testimony of all the Faithful in every country of the world."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for June 2009

+ General intention ~ Concrete help for poorer countries, especially debt relief
"That international attention towards the poorer countries may give rise to more concrete help, in particular to relieve them of the crushing burden of foreign debt."
+ Mission intention ~ Solidarity with Church in regions torn by violence, especially love and concrete closeness in union with all Catholics
"That the particular Churches operating in regions marked by violence may be sustained by the love and concrete closeness of all the Catholics in the world."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for May 2009

+ General intention ~ Laity and Christian Communitis promoting Priestly and Religious Vocations

"That the laity and the Christian communities may be responsible promoters of priestly and religious vocations."

+ Mission intention ~ Africa: peace, justice, reconciliation

"That the recently founded Catholic Churches, grateful to the Lord for the Gift of Faith, may be ready to share in the Universal Mission of the Church, offering their availability to preach the Gospel throughout the world."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for February 2009

+ General intention ~ Pastors docile to the Holy Spirit

"That the pastors of the Church may always be docile to the action of the Holy Spirit in their teaching and in their service to God's people".

+ Mission intention ~ Africa: peace, justice, reconciliation

"That the Church in Africa may find adequate ways and means to promote reconciliation, justice and peace efficaciously, according to the indications of the Second Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for January 2009

General intention ~ Families centers of Faith formation

"That the family may become more and more a place of training in charity, personal growth and transmission of the faith."

Mission intention ~ Christian Unity Proclaiming the Gospel

His mission intention is: "That the different Christian confessions, aware of the need for a new evangelization in this period of profound transformations, may be committed to announcing the Good News and moving towards the full unity of all Christians in order to offer a more credible testimony of the Gospel."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for December 2008

General intention for December ~ promoting Culture of Life in the face of culture of violence and death

"That, faced by the growing expansion of the culture of violence and death, the Church may courageously promote the Culture of Life through all Her Apostolic and Missionary activities."

Mission intention for December ~ proclaiming the Birth of the Infant Jesus through gestures of Christian fraternal Love

"That, especially in mission countries, Christians may show through gestures of brotherliness that the Child born in the grotto in Bethlehem is the luminous Hope of the world."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for November 2008

General intention for November ~ Saints' testimony of Love fortifying Christians in their devotion to God and neighbor

"That the testimony of love offered by the Saints may fortify Christians in their devotion to God and their neighbor, imitating Christ who came to serve and not to be served".

Mission intention for November ~ Christian communities in Asia, contemplating the Holy Face of Christ, Faithful to the Gospel, guided to best ways to announce Him

"That the Christian communities of Asia, contemplating the Face of Christ, may know how to find the most suitable ways to announce Him, in full faithfulness to the Gospel, to the people of that vast continent so rich in culture and ancient forms of spirituality"

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for October 2008

General intention for October ~ Bishops assisting those communicating Truth of Faith to do so in Communion with Holy Mother Church

"That the Synod of Bishops may help the pastors and theologians, the catechists and promoters who are engaged in the service of the Word of God to courageously transmit the truth of faith in communion with the entire Church".

Mission intention for October ~ Christian communities participating in Month for Missions with prayer, sacrifice, and concrete assistance

"That in this month dedicated to the missions, through the promotional activities of the Pontifical Missionary Works and other organisms, every Christian community may feel the need to participate in the Church's universal mission with prayer, sacrifice and concrete help."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict Prayer Intentions for September 2008

General intention for September ~ War Refugees, Political Refugees

"That those who, because of wars or oppressive regimes, are forced to leave their homes and country may be supported by Christians in the defence and protection of their rights."

Mission intention for September ~ Christian Families

"That, faithful to the sacrament of matrimony, every Christian family may cultivate the values of love and communion in order to be a small evangelising community, sensitive and open to the material and spiritual needs of its brothers."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for August 2008

General intention for August ~ Creation a Gift from God, His Design

"That the human family may know how to respect God's design for the world and thus become ever more aware of the great gift of God which Creation represents for us."

Mission intention for August ~ Universal Call to Holiness and Mission; Charisms, Spiritual and Cultural Formation

"That the answer of the entire people of God to the common vocation to sanctity and mission may be promoted and fostered, with careful discernment of the charisms and a constant commitment to spiritual and cultural formation."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for July 2008

General intention for July ~ Christian volunteering

"That there may be an increase in the number of those who, as volunteers, offer their services to the Christian community with generous and prompt availability."

Mission intention for July ~ World Youth Day: Divine Love and Hope

"That the World Youth Day held in Sydney, Australia, may awaken the fire of Divine Love in young people and make them sowers of hope for a new humanity."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Pope Benedict's Prayer Intentions for June 2008

General intention for June ~ Friendship with Christ

"That all Christians may cultivate a deep and personal friendship with Christ, in order to be able to communicate the strength of His love to every person they meet."

Mission intention for June ~ Eucharist Heart of the Church

"That the International Eucharistic Congress of Quebec in Canada may lead to an ever greater understanding that the Eucharist is the heart of the Church and the source of evangelisation."

Small Red Jerusalem Cross Holy Father's Intentions for May 2008

General intention: properly ordered arts and media

"That Christians may use literature, art and the mass media to greater advantage in order to favour a culture which defends and promotes the values of the human person."

Mission intention, Mary Queen and Comfort of Missionaries

"That the Virgin Mary, Star of evangelization and Queen of the Apostles, may still guide today with maternal affection the missionaries, both men and women, throughout the world, just as she accompanied the Apostles in the early stages of the Church."

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